This is where Virtual Event Mob came from…

A brief history of Virtual Event Mob…

From the founder, Kris Broholm

Back in 2019 I was tasked by two different clients of mine to run virtual online conferences for two different fields of expertise. The level of involvement differed slightly but I immediatley saw the massive ROI businesses can use virtual online events for.

Due to working on other commitments it was not until the winter of 2020 where I was able to formally start Virtual Event Mob.

Here, we specialise in taking the hassle out of organising, hosting, and “evergreening” virtual online events (think of it as a conference) so you can lean back and watch the leads and customers roll in year over year.

Our working principles are: ROI-driven, hassle-free, hands-off — for you and your business.

Now, more than ever – in the wake up a major global pandemic — virtual events are truly taking off.

Get in touch today for more details, and how we can help you grow your business on autopilot with a virtual event.